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Having a good credit rating is important. Without it, you may be denied low interest loans future employment opportunities, lines of credit, a rental, and even an insurance policy.

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Improving Your Credit Score Is The Goal.


Collections, Foreclosures, Charged Off Accounts, Judgments, Personal Information, Late Payments, Inquires, Late Payments, Bankruptcy, Credit Errors, Fraud Accounts, and much more.

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We guide you in obtaining a better credit score

The first step in our credit repair service is to schedule a call with us so that we can go over your credit report and see exactly what you need help with; register for the next credit workshop call us now 248-952-8483.

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Credit and money management consultation, Unlimited support in your credit repair journey. Discover how you can receive free credit building services. Boost your score in 6 to 12-months.

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What's Your Credit Score? See Range Below

300 to High-579s
You might not be able to get approved for a loan or unsecured credit card at all.
Low-600s to mid-700s
You are considered a subprime borrower. You’re more likely to get approved for financial products.
Low-700 to 720s
You are considered an attractive borrower. In the past, the magic number was 720 or above.
750 to 850
You have access to most rewards credit cards and the lowest interest rates offered.

Credit Support Services. Call Now: 248-952-8483

Everyday is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we've got 24 hours each.

Christopher Rice

Are Credit Card Companies Closing Your Accounts?

When several of your credit cards get closed, it's a sign there's something wrong with your credit. You may consider repairing your credit to improve your credit standing.

Personal Credit Management Solutions

Business Incorporation Service and Credit Building

Credit Monitoring
Get the Results You Need to Improve Your Credit

No two credit reports are alike, we listen to your concerns and analyze your credit situation to customize a credit repair plan that will work for you. The law states that all information reported about you to credit bureaus must be fair, accurate, relevant and verifiable. We build a plan for how to raise your credit score.

We deal with creditors and the Credit Bureaus.

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Good credit is the lifeline of your business.

Many small business owners want to learn how to get business credit in this market. The idea of having credit for your business that is separate than your personal credit can be quite appealing. I mean, who doesn’t want to have thousands of dollars in credit at your disposal? Where and How can you get business credit?

We have many solutions and experience.

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Business Start-up Service
Quickly & Easily Form Your New Business

Make it official! In 3-Days you will be a business owner. Answer a few simple questions. We'll reserve your busines name and take care of your incorporation. Other services we offer to launch your business is Website Registration, Trademark Filing, IRS Registration, Reseller License Setup. Protect your business assets from personal debts.

Lending options for businesses with poor credit.

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Fix Your Credit In Months... NOT Years

All Credit Reports Contain Violations, Including Yours.

The United States government began writing laws to protect you from creditors and the credit bureaus beginning in the 1960’s.

Today there are dozens of state and federal laws creditors and credit bureaus have a difficult time following.

Credit services pricing

What Situation Are You Currently In? Our Process is Proven. We will help you restore your credit and walk you through the process every step of the way, providing you with all the information and assistance you’ll need.
Credit Monitoring Standard Plan

Have you been denied for credit?​ Do you need to purchase a new vehicle? Clean Up Your Past and Plan For Your Legacy. So You Can Start Living The Life You Deserve!

Includes The Following
  • No Set Up Fee
  • Free Starting Credit Reports Assistance
  • Free Starting Credit Scores Assistance
  • Extended Credit Report Line by Line Audit
  • Work on all 3 Main Credit Bureaus (Experian, Transunion, Equifax) (Unlimited Disputes)
  • Making sure creditors who looked at your credit report had a right to (Inquiry Validations)
  • Text Message/Email-Support
  • 24/7 Client Portal Access (Your Results Anywhere, Message Your Case Advisors Anytime)
  • Help Beyond Credit Reports and Credit Monitoring (Credit Education And Guidance)
  • Credit Score and Results Driven Program (No Long Drawn out Process)
  • Credit Building Assistance (New Credit Assistance)
  • Up to Date Progress Email Notifications
  • No Set Contract or Obligation
  • Unbeatable 100% Money Back Guarantee*
  • Cancel Service Anytime
  • Same Day Service – Sign Up Today, We Start Today!
  • Fair credit Report Act
Extended Credit Report Audit, First Month's Work $199.00 per person (One-time fee, charged 5 days after signing up for credit management services)
$79.00 per Month Per Person
No contract/ Cancel anytime/100% Money Back Guaranteed
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Credit Monitoring Essential Plan

The Essential Plan packs all the punch of the standard Plan plus several cutting-edge components which formulate a multi-tiered approach suited to yield the best possible results faster. If you have compound or more extreme, negative items on your report, the Essential Plan is for you.

Includes The Following
  • Standand Plan Features
  • Plus The Following
  • UNLIMITED CHALLENGE VALIDATION LETTERS GPSDetroit.com will send an unlimited number of custom validation dispute letters to the creditors you choose challenging the validity of the questionable items you are disputing.
  • UNLIMITED CREDITOR GOODWILL LETTERS We’ll send an unlimited number of custom goodwill letters to advise the creditors of your good standing and request that they review the account due to error, any inaccurate information, or even as a courtesy.
  • OFFICIAL GPSDetroit.com RECOMMENDATION LETTER At your request, we will send you a personalized recommendation letter to assist you in future dealings with potential lenders.
  • TRANSUNION CREDIT MONITORING We’ll monitor your TransUnion credit report at all times and alert you if any of changes could affect your credit score. We’ll also alert you if anyone is trying to use your credit without your knowledge.
Extended Credit Report Audit, First Month's Work $159.00 per person (One-time fee, charged 5 days after signing up for credit management services)
$99.00 per Month Per Person
No contract/ Cancel anytime/100% Money Back Guaranteed
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Business Credit Program

One of the most important reasons to get a small business credit card is that it keeps your business and personal expenses separate and allows you to track your business spending. This makes record-keeping a lot easier come tax time.

Includes The Following
  • Michigan incorporation documentation submission
  • Establishing a business credit file with Dunn & Bradstreet
  • Establishing a business credit file with Experian
  • Establishing a business credit file with Equifax
  • Building of PAYDEX and Intelliscore
  • Establishing Access to Small Business Vendor Lines of Credit
  • Establishing Reseller Sales Tax License (For Buying Wholesale Products/Services)
  • Establishing Employer Identification Number (EIN)(For Opening Business Bank Account)
  • Recommendation/Setup Virtual Businss Telephone Service (Choose from Free Telephone Number or Monthly Fee Telephone Service)
Talk With Register Business Agent, Pricing Consultation
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Get The Car Loan, Mortgage, Interest Rates, Or Credit Card You Deserve. Watch Your Score Increase By 15, 50, 75 Or More.

Metro Detroit Credit Solution Tips

Personal Credit building & Business Credit Building! Is Possible, Why Wait?
  • All
  • Money Goals
  • Power Strategies
  • Respect Development

Be Wary Of Consolidating Debts. The surest way to alert the credit bureau that you have a problem paying your debts is to keep applying for loans, to use to wipe out older ones. They get another warning sign when you get new cards frequently, tempted by offers. Do debt consolidation selectively, and only as a repair measure, for the next 90 days. Even if you are simply checking out on the best offers, never give out your name and address, if you can avoid it.

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